As a Pinnacle Insider you receive exclusive:


You will have access to George and Howard’s considerable experience, advice and resources to help you with operational issues or help to support your purchasing decisions.

Be a part of a greater whole

The large chains are growing quickly and competing in more and more locations. Insider’s will have many of the resources of the large chains joining by this large group of high performing individual locations and small chains.  In addition to data, The Insider will aggregate and share ideas, experiences, mistakes, and successes!

The Pinnacle Report

A monthly report designed to feature data backed ideas to drive your center’s profitability. Topics include analysis of industry topics and trends, crunching the numbers of family entertainment, marketing and promotional events, as well as sharing ideas and results. Game purchasing and game management are featured regularly.

Marketing Assets

Focused on helping create excitement and drive repeat visits, our marketing team creates promotions and provides you with downloadable assets for each monthly event.

Marketing Assets include:  “How To” Guide with details on how to implement events, artwork for signage and flyers, email banner artwork, social media banner artwork, social media calendar, email marketing calendar, press release template. You will receive a new set to support a new event each month.

Data Base Inclusion

Insider’s are eligible to include their reports in our database and have access to our analysis of key performance metrics. Compare your center’s numbers against other centers and industry benchmarks. Use the numbers to fine tune your business, maximize sales, and control expenses.

Game Management and Purchasing

Access Pinnacle’s ROI based analytics for ROI based game purchasing decisions, receive our exclusive quarterly Top Performing Games report, and our post IAAPA in depth game review.

Special Insider Pricing with Industry Partners

Fetchrev- FetchRev is built to help family entertainment and bowling centers increase revenue and drive return foot traffic. Their fully automated marketing tool brings your customers back in the door with targeted “Buy Now” Offers and an easy 3-step purchase process, distributed across your website, email and social channel.


Details to follow this Fall

Coming in the Future/Under development

  • Interactive Insider Website
  • Robust Database Enhancements
  • The Merchandise Department

Introductory Pricing

As our offering becomes more robust and delivers more value we anticipate significantly increasing our pricing.  Charter Members, those who join from the beginning, will receive additional special benefit, the first of which is guaranteed subscription rate pricing through December 31, 2019.